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" 5 Haiku" de Jean-Pierre Deleuze,
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20 21 22 23 24 20:00 : Bl!ndman [sax] joue Bach + Bartholomée à Charleroi
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20:00 : Bl!ndman [sax] joue Bach + Bartholomée à Charleroi


20:00 : Pierre Barthoilomée

création de sa 2ème Symphonie par l'ONB
Français / English

Online With Your Audience

Online With Your Audience

- a new workshop by the NewAud project

How can we use social media to attract an audience? Is it even possible? Will it get us a different audience too? How do we ensure a compliance between the campaign and the concert experience?

These are some of the questions that NewAud’s first ONLINE working group will be addressing at a workshop on February the 26th. This working group will focus solely on the relation between social media and new music concerts, and the goal will be to develop a set of advice, guidelines and practical examples useful for ensembles who want to use the internet to win the future audiences.

The workshop will be led by Thomas Demidoff, Sine Hannibal and the marketing expert Susan Hallam. But as always with NewAud workshops, it will first of all be a forum for practical cooperation between NewAud ensembles helping each other move on.

The ensembles of the ONLINE group are: London Sinfonietta, TM+, Avanti Chamber Orchestra, Klangforum Wien, SPECTRA and The Federation of Three