New:Aud Conférence Finale

26.09.14 12:00 to 27.09.14 12:00

Presenting the results of our cooperation on audience development

Warsaw University

What is the best way for new music to reach its audience? How can new music reach a bigger audience? These are the two questions the NewAud project have sought to find answers to.

We’ve tried to find the answer in concert form. Our project was created on the belief that a modern concert form, in tune with a modern audience, is the best platform for the meeting between music and audience.

So how DO we make concerts in the 21st century - a time when traditional concert halls scares people away, and musicians in tails make people laugh? How do we make concerts WITH the audience - and FOR the audience? How does we engage and to involve the audience?

These are the issues we’ve worked with for two years. We have held workshops and conferences; we have exchanged ideas and experiences, listened to guest speakers and experts. We have also held a series of concerts that we have evaluated and analyzed. In short, we have aimed to learn.

Because the challenge is international, we have cooperated on the subject, but we knew from the start that we wouldn’t find a single answer, a final recipe for the perfect concert. What makes a good concert depends on the place, the country, the particular music - and the audience. Each ensemble must find its own form. Audience development can be seen as a sort of journey, where musicians learn to conceive their concerts in tune with their audience.

Therefore the NewAud project has attempted to develop the horizon of the music ensembles – as well as to collect facts about how various concert forms impacts the audience.

When we present the results of our project it will therefore also be twofold. Our outcome consists both of the experience our 31 music ensembles have made - and of the facts we have gathered during our many concerts. Together, these two represents a pool of knowledge about the modern concert form.

At this conference we will present and discuss the results of our project. The conference marks the formal end of the project New Music: New Audiences , but it also marks the project's peak. This is where we will see the result of our cooperation over two years - and celebrate it.