01 20:00 : Festival INFLUX
Musique et Recherche
02 20:00 : ATON et ARMIDE
Deux visages de la musique électroacoustique
20:30 : Thierry De Mey "Simplexity
03 20:00 : Concert par Benoît Mernier et Sophie Karthäuser

20:00 : François Houtard - Création
"Sons et silences" pour orgue et violon
20:30 : Thierry De Mey "Simplexity
04 20:00 : Baudouin de Jaer
"Cities of diversity"
06 20:30 : Chassé-croisé Compo/Impro
07 20:30 : Baudouin de Jaer
"Souffle coréen"
08 09 10 11 12 12:30 : André Ristic
Perles du Minimalisme
13 14 20:30 : Benoît Mernier, concert d'orgue - Pange lingua
15 16 20:00 : Musiques Nouvelles
Aro Pärt et Philip Glass
17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
27 28 29 20:15 : Attention Musique Fraîche !
Musiques Nouvelles


20:15 : Attention Musique Fraîche !

Musiques Nouvelles


12:00 : Thierry De Mey : Counter Phrases

Festival LOOP 8


20:30 : Festival LOOP 8

Musique Acousmatique


20:30 : Festival LOOP 8

Carte Blanche au Centre Henri Pousseur
Français / English

Who are we?

Settled in 2002 as a non-profit making body, Forum des compositeurs (Composer’s Forum) is an association that currently brings together about forty composers and performers living in French-speaking Belgium.  

The purpose of our organization is to promote contemporary music created in Belgium’s French-speaking community (often referred to as Wallonia-Brussels Community), to draw up recommendations with a view to improve the composers' status, and to serve as a link between all those involved with our music.

On the other hand Forum des compositeurs aims at developing a space for expression  and creating new opportunities for composers.  Two achievements in that respect have been the launching of a publication, Les Carnets du Forum (in French), and the organization of a new music event, the LOOP Festival which has been taking place every year around end November since 2008 at Brussels venue L’Espace Senghor.  Concerned with the development of the next generation, Forum des compositeurs is also organizing a young composers workshop since 2010 in partnership with Ensemble Sturm und Klang and the SBAM.

On the international level, we are active since 2008 in 3 main networks:

With the help of WBM and the Belgian authors right society SABAM, Forum des compositeurs has taken part in the EU-funded RE:NEW MUSIC (2008-10) and NEW AUD (2012-14) projects, promoting repertoire exchange and working on audience development together with 31 ensembles of 17 European countries.  Partners involved in our community are Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles, Ensemble ON, Ensemble 21, and Ensemble Sturm und Klang. The network is currently working on its third project.

Since the splitting of the Belgian ISCM-section, Forum des compositeurs has been representing the Belgian French-Speaking community within the International Society for Contemporary Music as an affiliated member since 2009 and as a full member since 2012.  That same year, our association participated in the organization of the ISCM World New Music Days in Belgium, initiated by the Flemish section ISCM-Flanders.

Forum des compositeurs is also a member of the European Song-writers and Composers Alliance (ECSA), an association representing the interests of more than 23.000 music writers of art & classical music, film & audiovisual music and popular music, in 22 European countries.