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04 05 06 07 08 12:15 : Concert d'orgue par Lionel Avot

12:15 : Grégory d'Hoop
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18 12:15 : Jean-Philipper Collard en solo
Festival Midi-Minimes
19 21:00 : Benoît Mernier par le trio Spillaert
Le trio Spilliaert
20 21 22 23 21:00 : Benoît Mernier par le trio Spillaert
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21:00 : Benoît Mernier par le trio Spillaert


20:00 : 2ème concert New:Aud

Ensembles ON, 21 et Sturm und Klang


20:00 : 2ème concert New:Aud

Ensembles ON, 21 et Sturm und Klang
Français / English

Who are we?

Created as a non-profit making body on March 20 2002, the Composer's Forum is an association that currently brings together and represents about forty composers and performers living in French speaking Belgium

The purpose of this association is twofold. On the one hand the association exists to promote the contemporary music of the Wallonie-Brussels Community, to draw up recommendations with a view to improving the composers' status and to serve as a link between all those involved with our music.

On the other hand the association aims to create a platform for expression for artists who beyond their often contrasting aesthetics, have a mutual respect and consideration and are keen to exchange information on their frequently similar or complimentary experiences.

By means of these two interdependent functions, it is always our aim to clearly affirm our identities as artits, and to improve the social understanding of our work.

At the beginning, the Forum consisted of 13 composers, all of whom were chosen to feature on the double CD Eclats (see discography) produced in 2002 by the centre Wallonie Bruxelles Musiques (WBM). But clearly the long term aim of the Composers' Forum is to bring together a larger number of young composers from our community and, if possible, through this bring about the realisation of new work.

With the help of WBM and the Belgian authors right society SABAM, the Composer's Forum is a member of the RE:NEW MUSIC network, which involves the Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles and “Ensemble OII”.

Since September 2009, the Composer's Forum is affiliated member at the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM).