LAPS Upgrade 2.0


Laps Upgrade 2.0

for six amplified instruments et three laptops (2015)

A testimony to the sonorities of our time and to our musically fragmented world, Laps Upgrade 2.0 is part of a "suite" dedicated to the LAPS Ensemble, a work in progress begun two years ago. Situated between PLS Ap Download (Please Application Download) and Laps Init 1.0 on the one hand and J-Pop Laps and Laps Crash (both beeing foreseen in 2016) on the other, this piece acts as a transition. Having a little more restrained energy than its neighbours, Laps Upgrade 2.0 uses certain esthetic commonplaces in popular music in order to propose a critical point of view and to transcend them and to open some windows onto a multicultural sonic world as it comes into beeing. Thus, "Easy listening" and "Distorsions" share the temporal space and timbres, as if narrating for us the transformations from the materialistic world to the ideal one, and vice versa.. An "Upgrade" to a sonic and geographic elsewhere, all the more so since the piece which will follow is largely an echo of Eastern Popular Music from one of the favourite countries of the composer.

Six amplified musicians and three laptops