Et le rêve s'en fut


“Et le rêve s’en fut...” (1982)

for clarinet, violin, percussion and piano (25 min.)


In spite of its evocative title, the work is in no sense « programme music » ; on the contrary, this quartet represents a conceptualistic attempt at a musical transposition of the notion – my subjective notion – of dreams.

Indeed, dreams, the realm of illusion and non-logic, that interface of the imagined and the real, are nevertheless governed by deep-rooted internal, but subconscious structures. Transposed into music, that concept engenders paradoxes and surprises, like those clichés evocative of jazz and unexpected changes of tempo ; they nonetheless induce simultaneities, overlapping esthetics of the past and the present, occasionally slow periods when the fragmented melody condenses into tonal harmonic arrangements.
Thus is born a world of sounds, based upon four principal « behaviours », developed through the work as four ambiences, ranging from the sweet, even voluptuous, to the nightmarish, explaining the fourth « motif », which brings the work to its end, in an orgy of instrumental virtuosity. It leaves it the listener, however to discover the significance of the final chord !

This Quartet got the 1rst prize at the International composition contest of Lille (France) in 1982. The premiere of the work was given by the Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles the same year.

That quartet is dedicated to Philippe Dewonck.



LP Igloo - 1984 (Et le rêve s'en fut, Chant)


for violin, clarinet, percussions & piano