Canto a due


Canto a due

for clarinet and cello (6 '- 2007)

This short and intimate work was written on the occasion of the marriage of Jean-Luc Votano, the performer who, in 2012, would become the dedicatee of Ayl, concerto for clarinet and orchestra.

Canto a Due uses musical references from the first vocal scene of my Passio Secundum Lucam (started at the same time), more precisely, from the melodic and rhythmic formulas developed above the words "I desired desires." Therefore, interactions, sound wanderings and other timbral fusions go through the score, sound metaphor of the multiple faces of love. Perfumed oriental melismas, joyful arabesques, musical derams an so on punctuate this colorful and sensitive score.


for clarinet and cello