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" 5 Haiku" de Jean-Pierre Deleuze,
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20:00 : Pierre Barthoilomée

création de sa 2ème Symphonie par l'ONB
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Who are we?

Settled in 2002 as a non-profit making body, Forum des compositeurs (Composer’s Forum) is an association that currently brings together about forty composers and performers living in French-speaking Belgium.  

The purpose of our organization is to promote contemporary music created in Belgium’s French-speaking community (often referred to as Wallonia-Brussels Community), to draw up recommendations with a view to improve the composers' status, and to serve as a link between all those involved with our music.

On the other hand Forum des compositeurs aims at developing a space for expression  and creating new opportunities for composers.  Two achievements in that respect have been the launching of a publication, Les Carnets du Forum (in French), and the organization of a new music event, the LOOP Festival which has been taking place every year around end November since 2008 at Brussels venue L’Espace Senghor.  Concerned with the development of the next generation, Forum des compositeurs is also organizing a young composers workshop since 2010 in partnership with Ensemble Sturm und Klang and the SBAM.

On the international level, we are active since 2008 in 3 main networks:

With the help of WBM and the Belgian authors right society SABAM, Forum des compositeurs has taken part in the EU-funded RE:NEW MUSIC (2008-10) and NEW AUD (2012-14) projects, promoting repertoire exchange and working on audience development together with 31 ensembles of 17 European countries.  Partners involved in our community are Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles, Ensemble ON, Ensemble 21, and Ensemble Sturm und Klang. The network is currently working on its third project.

Since the splitting of the Belgian ISCM-section, Forum des compositeurs has been representing the Belgian French-Speaking community within the International Society for Contemporary Music as an affiliated member since 2009 and as a full member since 2012.  That same year, our association participated in the organization of the ISCM World New Music Days in Belgium, initiated by the Flemish section ISCM-Flanders.

Forum des compositeurs is also a member of the European Song-writers and Composers Alliance (ECSA), an association representing the interests of more than 23.000 music writers of art & classical music, film & audiovisual music and popular music, in 22 European countries.

LOOP Festival

Initiated in 2008, the LOOP Festival takes place every year around the last week end of November.  Its curating priority is to illustrate the diversity of musical aesthetics present here and abroad, « Loop » referring naturally to the important place of electronics (both acousmatic and live), but also to the will to highlight pieces of our composers existing repertoire.  

Since its start, all major ensembles of the Wallonia-Brussels Community have collaborated to the Festival : the Danel and Tana quartets, Musiques Nouvelles, Ensemble ON, Ensemble 21, Ensemble Sturm und Klang, Ensemble Fractales, Aton’ & Armide, Arsys Sax Quartet, and soloists such as Stéphane Ginsburgh, Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven, Laurence Mekhitarian, Nao Momitani…

Also, thanks to international partnerships, the Festival had the opportunity to invite ensembles such as Defunensemble (FI) and Kwarludium + (PL), and to organize exchange programs (ex. with Quebec composer André Hamel and Montréal Nouvelles Musiques Festival).

LOOP 7 Trailer 

Young composers workshop

The Young composers’ project has been launched in 2010 in partnership with the Belgian Music Analysts Association (SBAM) and Ensemble Sturm und Klang, (wind quintet, string quintet, and percussion) at the initiative of its artistic director, Thomas Van Haeperen. For each session, 4 to 5 composers are selected to spend a weekend working with the musicians and under the guidance of one of Forum des compositeurs' member on a 10-minutes piece written for the occasion and which will be performed in concert at the end of this short residency. This project is generously supported by the French Community Wallonie/Brussels.

The first workshop took place on 12 and 13 February 2011 at Museum La Fonderie under the guidance of Victor Kissine and with following participants :

The second workshop took place on 8 and 9 September 2012 at Museum La Fonderie under the guidance of Claude Ledoux with the following participants :

The third workshop took place on June 21-22, 2014 at Chapelle du Linthout (Brussels) under the guidance of Jean-Luc Fafchamps with the following participants :

André Souris Prize

The André Souris Prize (named after the important Belgian composer, conductor and musicologist) is dedicated to support young composers living in Belgium's French-speaking territory.  It consists of a 1.500 Euro grant attributed to under 30-years composers chosen by the board of members of the Forum des Compositeurs. 


Launched in 2006 under the impulse of Michel Fourgon, who coordinates the publication, Les Carnets du Forum aims at giving to composers, performers, musicologists a space where to express their views about new music, by this also contributing to shed light on the activities of Belgium French-speaking community.

This project is generously supported by the Music Council of the Wallonie-Brussels Federation (Conseil de la musique).

Database Composers WB



The range of music that we have access to nowadays is greater than it has ever been, through the enormous technological advances of the 20th Century.

This means that a definition of what "contemporary music" might be is difficult, as composers are being influenced by more kinds of sounds - musical and other - than ever before. Performers are presenting contemporary music in many different k inds of environments to reach their audiences, and there is now a continual redefinition of the relationships which exist between composers, performers and the audience.

The International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) is an important international network of members from around fifty countries, devoted to the promotion and presentation of contemporary music - the music of our time. ISCM has had a distinguished history. From its foundation in Salzburg in 1922, a receptiveness to aesthetic and stylistic diversity has been a characteristic of the Society. Today more than ever with the incredible diversity which exists in contemporary musical expression around the world, this ideal is still strongly supported by ISCM members.

Each year, ISCM presents the World Music Days Festival , hosted by one of ISCM's members, which provides a feast of contemporary music across a broad range of contemporary practice. The host nation has some flexibility in determining the individual themes that drive the programming of the Festival, either presenting a showcase of activity from around the world, or applying other criteria for the selection and programming of works.

The ISCM World Music Days Festival also provides an opportunity for the ISCM members to meet in their annual congress, to discuss issues affecting contemporary music and matters of mutual concern.


New Music: New Audiences (New:Aud) is a European cultural project. From 17 European countries, 16 music organisations and 31 ensembles specializing in contemporary music are gathering to take part.  Together, they are exploring tomorrow’s concert forms and developing new ways of communicating with the audience. At the same time the ensembles exchange repertoire, performing each other’s music for a new audience.

See more about the network on the NEW:AUD website


Le Forum des compositeurs
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Gilles Gobert, president

Lorenzo Caròla, coordinator
mobile : +32 (0)498 36 66 16
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Non-profit organization sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the  French-speaking community Wallonie-Bruxelles